Rochester Gives Voters A Choice - Why would Geneva not do the same?

Updated: Feb 25

Attached is a copy of the New York State Bar Association - State Bar News. On page 10, is an article you will find interesting that the Rochester Police Accountability Board (PAB) was passed after allowing the Local Law to go to referendum. Additionally, the city of Rochester budgeted funds to support the PAB as part of their annual budget.

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Why would the City of Geneva not follow suit by allowing the people of Geneva to vote and decide the fate of Local Law 1-2021.

A referendum will allow the people of the City of Geneva be heard by making their voice and vote matter concerning a critical law that would impact the city, its charter, the people, and its businesses? Additionally, the Geneva City Council did not place any financial backing to Local Law 1-2021 by completely disregarding any budget what so ever in support of a new law that City Council has adopted on February 3, 2021. A Petition to allow the PRB Local Law 1-2021 is available for signature, please email and someone will be happy to come and get your signature!

In no way, does signing this petition, indicate that you are for or against the police nor does it mean that you are for or against the PRB.

It only states that you want YOUR voice to be heard, period.


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